Each card represents the way to die with some causes that so dumb. At the top of cards show you the causes of death that you never die because of them again. In addition, some of cards not only effect to you but also other players. However, some cards in the deck does not make you die. There are cards that make you survive or just injury. 

3 choices that help you survive this game.

Each player has 3 choices that help you survive in game. Player may use each choice at once in game (only one choice in each turn). At the beginning of player's turn, that player now calls out a choice which to use in turn. Player may not uses a choice after draws a card from deck already.

- Draw 3 cards from the deck, choose one way to die(one card) and discard other cards.

- Survive 1 time.

- Pass the drawing card to other players.

Game play

   To start the game, each player draw  3 cards and face up in front of them and must be visible to everyone. Each card has the causes of death that are immunity to protect players from the death. If players draw a card that have causes of death same as own card, player will never die by these causes again.

   Each player has 5 lives. If you die by  any reason and you have remaining lives, you will revive. If you loses all lives, you will out of the game immediately.

   To help you survive this game, each player has 3 choices. These choices can played at once in game. When player play which choices, flip down their choice's card.